Written in the water

Maybe, there are invisible words written in the water that we could read, leading us to new paths that we don’t even think may exist.
New ways to see the world with the eyes of the soul.
Maybe, we can dissolve the forms and transform them into transcendence.

For those sailors willing to dive into the deep waters of New Human Touch nursing notes, you will need to acquire the right wet suit.

Last year, I went to my first company Christmas dinner. I was sitting in front of the best caregiver, not because of her certificates and diplomas, nor for her awards. The recognition came from the other company members: she was the best. She works many hours and days with a lady with severe dementia, and they both enjoy every moment. I wanted to know how she made it. What was the magic recipe, so I asked. “Love & Respect,” she said. “No more, no less.” The simplicity of her answer still fascinates me. After a master’s degree in senior care, I could not believe that the solution was so simple, maybe too much for a world that believes that machines will be better at caring than humans. Humans need humans that treat them with humanity. Everyone wants love and respect: seniors, their loved ones, and the professionals that work with them.
I made this simple principle the core of my assistance, and I use it in every task that I perform in senior care.

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