What does it mean to be human?

That's the fundamental question.
Quoting Pam Gregory, it starts with being aware of the choices you are making to find your unique essence. When all of this is too complicated, always go back to the simple: go back to nature, go back to your heart, go back to your breath. Just go back to the simple, keeping on with the Mantra "I am welcoming in an expanded consciousness of love," and you will be on the right track.

What does it mean to be human, and where are we going as a human species? Following Jose Millan, being human is being humanity. As humans, we are being dragged by collective forces to a global destiny. The best thing to do about it is to be yourself, serve humanity, and collaborate with humility. Without opposition, we can use our energy to create structures that will provide protection and elevation.

New Human Touch can not be measured in purely material terms. You need to know that you are making a real contribution to the collective consciousness and enhancing human knowledge and welfare. It is an incredibly exciting time to be alive and share ideas for the benefit of all.

"Some complex dynamical systems exhibit unpredictable behaviour, such that small variances in the initial conditions could have profound and widely divergent effects on the system’s outcomes. Because of the sensitivity of those systems, outcomes are unpredictable. This is the basis of the butterfly effect." Lorenz.

I am a nurse. I am human. I believe that progress will be a group effort. I trust in the power of respectful conversations. I think that our deepest humanity is our highest possibility. I help people to improve their relationship with themselves and increase their self-care in an effortless, calming and friendly way because the healing must come from your inside.

Street art speaks up. New Human Touch also pays tribute to its creators.