Trip 16 – The coffee

“Y si alguna vez negociamos un mundo nuevo, queremos cafe para todos y todas, que ya van muchos siglos fregando tazas”

Gata Cattana – No Vine a Ser Carne –

Poetry is part of the human being, and no shelling will ever conquer that.

Poetry stays in the child that can save only one toy to run away across a humanitarian corridor. Poetry survives in a bombed apartment when her owner plays piano throUgh the rubble. 

How to love 21 – RAIN 06

I found this blue piece of art in the street the day after my grandmother passed away. She was small and silent. She was a painter. She had faith. Nobody understood her, but her love was as pure and fragile as a glass heart. The RAIN section is dedicated to you, dear O. Sorry I couldn’t say goodbye, and thank you for sharing your heart.

Care 20 – Dementia

A postcard from Alzheimer:
” Look, do you see this picture on my wall? It is my mother. Her name is Maria. Guess how many children she had? 16! and only one girl!. I am the luckiest one. My brother went to the war instead of me, and He died the next day. I am a lucky one. I came here and travelled all over, including Alaska!. Don’t worry about me, bella; I am going kuku; there is so much wind in my head; don’t worry about me, bella; I am a lucky one.”