Look up the stars – A-field: individual holograms

"All we experience in our lifetime - all our perceptions, feelings, and thought processes – have cerebral functions associated with them. These functions have waveform equivalents since our brain, like other things in space and time, creates information-carrying vortices - it "makes waves." The waves propagate in the vacuum and interfere with the waves created by the bodies and brains of other people, giving rise to complex holograms. Generations after generations of humans have left their holographic traces in the A-field. These individual holograms integrate in a superhologram, which is the encompassing hologram of a tribe, community, or culture. The collective holograms interface and integrate in turn with the super-superhologram of all people. This is the collective information pool of humankind, and we can read this information." 

Ervin Laszlo - Science and the Akashic Field - An integral theory of everything